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Community Activism

As crowds build at shelters, a moment of thoughtfulness

Michel Bryant selflessly helped a woman trying to evacuate. (Allison Graves | Times)

By Allison Graves, Times Staff Writer

Published: September 9, 2017
Updated: September 9, 2017 at 01:41 PM

LARGO — More than 75 people waited in line to check in to the shelter at Largo High School on Saturday including Michel Bryant.

But unlike the other people in line, Bryant wasn’t evacuating. He was holding a place in line for an elderly woman trying to evacuate. Bryant stood in line for almost an hour, as the woman cooled-off in his taxi.

“The line was long and she was 90 years old,” he said. “I didn’t even think twice about it.”

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Bryant, 58, has been a driver for BATS Taxi in St. Pete Beach for about five years. Bryant didn’t get paid while holding a spot for the woman, but he’s not concerned about the money.

“God pays me,” he said.

Largo Police Sgt. Haley Sequeira, who was overseeing the line of evacuees waiting to check in, recalled the situation and said the older woman was upset when she saw the long check-in line.

“(Bryant) looked right at her and offered to wait in line.” Sequeira said. “I just thought he was amazing. It made my day a little better.”

Michel addresses St. Petersburg’s City Council

This is me, 40 lbs overweight, and in need of dental work. I promise you! The next time I take the mic, I will be so sharp that you won’t recognize me.

Does praising God make you feel like running?

Community Observation

A white man calls a black man, the “n” word. A cool, hip, black man calls a black man, the “n” word.

The children hear this, over and over.

The “n” word, as is all words, is a seed. It doesn’t matter who plants the seed into the ground of the child’s heart.The harvest will be the same.

God did not give us the power to stop a seed from reproducing after its kind. If the fruit from the initial seed was corrupt, all the fruit thereafter is corrupt.The “n” word will bear corrupt fruit in the child, no matter who plants it.

A cool guy, and a square, both planted orange seeds into the ground. If they both planted orange seeds, what fruit should both expect for a harvest?

How can you fall to
accomplish what God saw
you accomplish?

This book is fire!

Still waters run deep.